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This week’s tour brings us to the Boston Seaport District.  Michael highlights some great places to eat for lunch and dinner in this area this is undergoing much construction.  While neglected for a long while, real restaurants are finally opening in this area giving workers more options for their lunchtime endeavors.

Check out Michael’s favorite lunch spots in Boston’s Seaport District and Fort Point Neighborhood.

This week’s tour comes from Portland Oregon’s tech entrepreneur Andy Baio.  He works with Expert Labs, writes at, helped build Kickstarter, and founded Upcoming, among many other things.

Andy has outlined a bunch of restaurants for people like him who like to geek out on great food, beer, comics, and computers.  Focusing on newer restaurants (most opened within the last year) and getting you to the best places quickly.  Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Andy has got you covered.  But remember, most of the best joints aren’t downtown, so you’ll need to take a short bus, bike, or cab ride to the east side.

Check out Andy’s restaurant guide on Spotsi and let us know what you think.