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Looking for Vintage in Austin? Then look no further than the Groovy Vintage in Austin tour from thetroublewithlisa. Clothing, furniture, accessories, there’s something for everyone in this tour of thrift stores and more.

Check out the tour on spotsi and let us know if you find anything rad at these shops.

Have you ever wondered what some of the locations from Portlandia are like in real life? Now’s your chance to find out. With the Portlandia tour you are free to explore Portland and find a bunch of filming locations from Season 1. Restaurants, bars, hotels, and more can all be found in the Portlandia tour.

Check out the spots and view some favorite Portlandia clips on spotsi.

This week’s tour brings us to London. Specifically Clerkenwell where cazzo72 takes us on a tour of the 10 best restaurants and bars.  From pizza to tapas, fine dining to sports bar, if you find yourself in Clerkenwell you might want to take a look at this tour.

Follow the Top 10 Bars and Restaurants in Clerkenwell on Spotsi.

Thomas Lauderdale, founder and bandleader of Portland, Oregon’s globe-trotting orchestra Pink Martini, and long-time iconic denizen of downtown Portland, takes us to his favorite neighborhood hotspots.

Thai food, bookstores, drag bars, strip clubs, and coffee. Take a walk in Thomas’ footsteps as we visit some of the more iconic spots in Portland.   Check out the tour here.

Looking to travel to or around Tunisia?  Are you a fan of Star Wars?  You’re in luck as has outlined a tour in Tunisia featuring many locations from the Star Wars films.  All your favorite locations on Tatooine can be found on the Star Wars location spotting tour including: Toshi Station, Mos Espa, and Ben’s Hermitage.

Of course there are plenty of other things to do in Tunisia, but this tour should help make it extra memorable.

Winter is coming to a close, at least here in Portland, OR and that means you’ve only got a few weeks left to take advantage of Stephenelliot’s Hot Hot Chocolate Tour.  Most of the locations here are on Portland’s east side and for those that are inclined to take it to the streets you can warm up on each stop with one of these delicious looking hot chocolates.

Enjoy the tour with Spotsi.

New places in Portland are opening up every day.  Here’s a list of 23 new joints that opened up just this last January.  Neighborhood notes outlines these 23 locally owned businesses which range from wine and beer, specialty coffee, to clothing and art galleries.  Have you had a chance to check out any of these spots?  If so why not create a story with the locations that you’ve been to?


Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air.  What better way to celebrate than dressing as your favorite zombie and taking to the streets with that special someone.  Join a pack of zombie as they shamble their way from bar to bar and celebrate the best of the hallmark holidays.

Find out where they’ll be stopping and all the details to join along on Spotsi.

This week’s tour brings us to the Boston Seaport District.  Michael highlights some great places to eat for lunch and dinner in this area this is undergoing much construction.  While neglected for a long while, real restaurants are finally opening in this area giving workers more options for their lunchtime endeavors.

Check out Michael’s favorite lunch spots in Boston’s Seaport District and Fort Point Neighborhood.

Portland’s sustainable urban and outdoor apparel NAU has a perfect day on the mountain and relaxing afterward.  First it’s off to Mt. Hood for a day in the snow, then it’s back to the city to unwind.   What’s the best way to loosen up after a day on the mountain?  First its off to the spa, then it’s off for eats.  Of course there are more ways to relax which you can read all about and follow up on in the Hill To Thrill tour.

What’s your ideal day at the mountain and beyond look like?