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We spend a lot of time around here trying to answer the question “What makes a great spot?” Of course, there is no right answer, and everyone handles the question a little differently. Some prefer a wealth of media associated with the spot. Others like spots left open to interpretation; they prefer a few media items worth of guidance with some hints for exploring the spot on their own.

I find that almost all of the answers boil down to three basic rules though. When I’m out and about, looking for new spots to add, I try to focus on the following three things.

  1. Are people interested? - Can you think of three people you know who would each like a different aspect of the spot? For example, if you’re going to add your favorite bar, think about who else would like what parts of it. Maybe your partner likes the ambiance, your co-worker likes the beer, and your mother would like the food. In most cases, this is the easiest guideline to meet.
  2. Is there varied media? - No one wants a spot with all text or all audio or all video. Being able to put at least three types is best. Usually pictures and text are covered, so as long as you can find a url or come up with a short audio or video clip…
  3. Is it explorable? – The very best spots allow ample opportunity for exploration. You should aim to give visitors three (notice the pattern here?) areas to explore outside of your tour. Even if visitors only spend a minute or two exploring the spot in Spotsi (which is fine), they should be able to put the phone down and continue exploring. Statements like “be sure to order the crepes” or “if you need to tinkle, you’ll find the best scrawl in the third stall from the door” help round out the experience for your visitors.

Obviously this is not an extensive list, but it should provide some solid guidelines for getting out and creating. As always, we’re curious to hear what others think, so let us know in the comments.